Hï Ibiza Sponsors TEDxDaltVila 2024

Tuesday, Dec 5, 2023

Hï Ibiza is proud to announce we are the main sponsor of TEDxDaltVila 2024

Scheduled for Saturday 23rd March, at the Palacio de Congresos in Santa Eulalia. The theme for this second edition of the event is “Everything Changes / Todo Cambia”.

In a world of constant evolution, thought-provoking speakers will delve into the intricate nature of change and its impact on our lives. The event will challenge our preconceptions of change with some of the most forward-thinking minds on the planet.

TEDxDaltVila 2024 will host inspiring discussions and conversations around questions pertinent to the electronic music community - can we change yet stay the same? How can we constantly evolve without feeling a loss of control?

Simultaneous Spanish translation for the audience will be provided, ensuring accessibility to a diverse global audience. Proudly supported by the Santa Eulalia Ayuntamiento, 50 subsidised tickets will be available for residents, emphasising the TEDxDaltVila's commitment to community engagement.

Join us at TEDxDaltVila 2024 for a deeper understanding of the transformative power of change.

Tickets go on sale Monday 15th January. Follow TEDxDaltVila on Instagram for speaker announcements and more info.