Eric Prydz invites you to enter [CELL]

Wednesday, Mar 6, 2024

Eric Prydz returns to Mondays with his spectacular new live show [CELL]

Visionary artist Eric Prydz redefined the live audio-visual experience with his groundbreaking HOLO concept. HOLO left audiences around the world stunned, including at Hï Ibiza last summer where the pioneering spectacle was specially adapted for the #1 Club in the World.

The combination of Prydz’s relentless creativity and the most technologically advanced club on the planet was a winning combination, and the producer will return in 2024 with [CELL], a new immersive concept.

Always pushing the boundaries of the audio-visual space, the Platinum-selling artist has developed [CELL] from the ground up to be a truly stunning multi-sensory experience. Designed specifically for Hï Ibiza’s cavernous Theatre, this eye-catching event will be an exciting addition to the island.

Cloaked in mystery, [CELL] needs to be seen to be believed and will take you deep into the trail-blazing world of Eric Prydz. An epic soundtrack and larger-than-life stage production will set a new benchmark for nightlife innovation.

In Hï Ibiza, Prydz has found the perfect incubator for the exciting new chapter in his audio-visual experimentations.

The 12-week residency will debut on 24th June and continue every Monday throughout the summer until 9th September.